Green Leaf Recreational is your number 1 recreational cannabis store in Bellingham for purchasing all your marijuana concentrates! We have premium cannabis oil for sale as well as top shelf cannabis e-liquid for vaporizers. Need some BHO, CBD, or C02 Oil? We have that as well! Snap and pull our high quality wax, shatter and crumple for your dab rig in addition to enjoying our premium keif, hash and cavier!

For any questions regarding our concentrates and how to use them, please give us a ring at (360) 526-2198 during our businesses hours!


Cannabis Concentrates | Cannabis Oils | Cannabis E-Liquid | Cannabis Extracts | Wax Concentrates

  • Refine/X-tracted
  • BMF
  • Liberty Reach
  • Clarity
  • Circanna
  • Evergreen Herbal
  • RSO (Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil)
  • Market Gardens
  • GaGa Extracts
  • Leef Oils
  • Dama
  • Dawn Star
  • Happy Valley Farms
  • Perecan Extracts
  • Jackpot
  • Omega
  • Rouge Raven
  • SIC Growers
  • Dream City
  • Blue Sky
  • Panda
  • Top Shelf Clear
  • WCCG
  • Avitas
  • Optimum
  • Billy’s Goat Extracts