Who can buy recreational marijuana in the state of Washington?2020-01-27T13:04:26-08:00
Any adult twenty-one years of age or older with a valid ID or passport may purchase marijuana in Washington.
I’m not from Washington, can I still buy weed?2020-01-27T13:04:36-08:00
Yes, as long as you are twenty-one years of age or older. Valid passports, out of state driver’s licenses and ID Cards are acceptable forms of identification. Forms of ID that are NOT accepted include: Foreign drivers licenses/ID cards, NEXUS Passes and Tribal ID cards that are issued by any tribe NOT within the state of Washington. For a full list please visit the Washington Liquor/Cannabis Control Board website.
Where can I consume recreational cannabis?2020-01-27T13:04:47-08:00
Washington State law protects against private use of cannabis. This means you can consume marijuana in a residence you own, a residence approved by the legal owner, or in a private hotel room that allows smoking. At this time, Washington State doesn’t permit the consumption of cannabis on state or federally owned land such as parks, ski resorts, or anywhere in public view.
How much cannabis can I purchase?2020-01-27T13:05:17-08:00
You may purchase the following: Up to one ounce of usable marijuana, 16 ounces of cannabis infused product in solid form, 72 ounces of cannabis infused product in liquid form, and 7 grams of cannabis extract for inhalation.
Can I ask for medical advice when purchase marijuana?2020-01-27T13:05:12-08:00
Only if you have a valid Washington State Medical Marijuana Card. We have certified medical marijuana consultants on staff seven days a week to assist you! Washington State doesn’t permit dispensaries to give medical consultation to the general public.
Do you accept returns or exchanges?2020-01-27T13:05:05-08:00
No. Think of purchasing cannabis the same way you would purchase alcohol. No returns are allowed once the product has been opened and has left Green Leaf premises.
Can I purchase weed for my friend?2020-01-27T13:04:55-08:00
No. Any product we sell has to be for the personal use of the individual purchasing it unless you are a registered caregiver for a medical patient. Ultimately, what you do with your property once you leave the store is your business, but if we have reason to believe you are making a purchase for someone else we won’t be able to sell to you.
Can I transport legally purchased marijuana across state lines or into Canada?2020-01-27T13:05:25-08:00
Absolutely not. Marijuana is still federally illegal, therefore transporting marijuana across a state/federal border is not allowed. If you get caught engaging in these activities you are subject to the laws and regulations of the prosecuting state or country.
I still have questions what should I do?2020-01-27T13:05:31-08:00
Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We’d love to hear from you!
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